West Virginia Eye Consultants is proud to be the first practice in WV with Neurolens® technology!

What is Neurolens®?

Years of in-depth clinical research uncovered a new link between optometry and neurology. Symptomatic patients shared a common trait; a misalignment in their vision that caused symptoms of Trigeminal Dysphoria.

Neurolens® are the world’s first and only prescription lenses that add a contoured prism to bring the eyes into alignment, relieving the headaches, neck/shoulder pain and eye strain that many people experience when using digital devices, reading or doing detail work.

How Can Neurolens® Help Me?

The demands of the digital age mean that our eyes are working harder than ever, leading people to suffer from debilitating symptoms, such as: chronic headaches, neck pain, eye strain, eye fatigue, dry eye sensation, and motion sickness. Neurolens studies have shown that, for 57 percent of the population, eye misalignment could be the culprit.

If you experience any of these symptoms, ask one of our doctors about it at your next comprehensive eye exam. At West Virginia Eye Consultants, we have the measuring device to test whether you’re a candidate for Neurolens. Relief is in sight!

The Neurolens® Measurement Device

Our Charleston office is now equipped with the Neurolens® measurement device. This test takes only three minutes to complete and provides our doctors with measurements needed to determine if you are a candidate! Ask your doctor about it the next time you’re in our office for an eye exam!

Proven to Work

The Neurolens® feedback is, it works. In fact, 93 percent of patients have experienced relief from their symptoms by wearing Neurolenses®.

At West Virginia Eye Consultants, our goal is to help you leave our office feeling your very best with an eye care plan that is tailored specifically to you. As a Neurolens® provider, we’ll keep that promise and make sure that these lenses work for you with a money back guarantee!

Begin your journey to relief today.

Call WVEC and schedule an appointment with one of our Neurolens specialists!

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