Are you ready to see clearly now?

Then it’s time to consider Laser Vision Correction.  Dr. Sinclair can free you from the glasses and contact lenses that you have depended on for so long.  Our dedicated LASIK team provides you with the latest advanced FDA approved technology, personal quality care and exceptional vision results, all here in Charleston, WV.

Dr. Sinclair and the LASIK Team are here too evaluate your vision to determine if you are a good candidate, provide you with a comprehensive Laser Vision Correction plan and answer all of your questions about the procedure.  No more traveling out-of-state for the Newest LASIK Technology.  You can have the confidence of your surgeon and care team close to home and available when you need them.  Why wait?  Call now to schedule your LASIK Evaluation and see how Dr. Sinclair can improve your vision or click on the link below for more information.