Protect your vision on the job!

We usually think of work-related eye injuries as being isolated to outdoor jobs such as construction work, landscaping or animal handling. Ironically, working in an office can be just as hazardous to your eyesight. The most common eye problem is computer vision syndrome. While consistently being on your computer will not permanently damage your vision, it can make your eyes feel irritated and fatigued. Computer vision syndrome is not just a myth. Too much screen time and not enough breaks can cause headaches, inattentiveness, neck pain, back strain, and dry eye.  Studies show that staring at a screen for extended periods of time lengthen the interval between blinks, preventing eyes from staying lubricated and moistened.

During “Workplace Eye Wellness Month,” we encourage you to avoid an injury through awareness and understanding the common dangers at your workplace. For example, if you are a carpenter, wood chips may be that common danger. Beat injuries to the punch by using safety glasses, machine guards, protective screens or other safety features. Properly maintain all safety eyewear and immediately replace anything that is damaged. If working somewhere new, inspect the room and highlight any potential hazards immediately.   No matter if you work, in a Business office or in an industrial setting, protecting your vision is a must.  Taking care of your eyes today will help protect your vision for the future. Talk to your eye care professional to make sure they are doing everything they can to help protect your sight