Meet Our Team

Management Team

Erin, Chief Executive Officer
Aaron, Information Technology Manager
Missy, Optical and Contact Lens Manager, ABO and NCLE
Ashley, Clinical Manager, Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technologist
Donald, Patient Services Manager
Christy, Revenue Cycle Manager, CPC and CPB

Ophthalmic Assistants

Amanda, COA & Lead Technician
Michelle, COA & Lead Technician
Crystal, COT & Lead Technician
Nikki, COA & Lead Technician
Candace, COA & Lead Technician
Jamie, COA
Tammy, COA
Heather, COA
George, Ophthalmic Assistant
Jennifer, Ophthalmic Assistant
Holly, COA
Taisha, COA
Kristene, Ophthalmic Assistant
Chasta, Ophthalmic Assistant
Tiffany, COA
Tiffany, Ophthalmic Assistant
Lisa, Ophthalmic Assistant
Ashley, Ophthalmic Assistant
Erica, Ophthalmic Assistant
Selena, Ophthalmic Assistant
Me-Me, Ophthalmic Assistant
Brittany, Ophthalmic Assistant
Kim, Ophthalmic Assistant
Jacquelyn, Ophthalmic Assistant
Saralynn, Ophthalmic Assistant
Morgan, COA
Kendra, Ophthalmic Assistant
Starlena, Ophthalmic Assistant
Mychaela, Ophthalmic Assistant
James, Ophthalmic Assistant

Patient Service Coordinators

Emily, Patient Services Lead
Jeanie, Patient Services Coordinator
Brandy, Patient Services Coordinator
Joyce, Patient Services Coordinator
Tammy, Patient Services Coordinator
Regina, Patient Services Coordinator
Ice, Patient Services Coordinator
Deja, Patient Services Coordinator
Heather, Patient Services Coordinator
Whitney, Patient Services Coordinator
Melissa, Patient Services Coordinator
Amy, Patient Services Coordinator
Tiara, Patient Services Coordinator
Christina, Patient Services Coordinator
Joanie, Patient Services Coordinator
Latasha, Patient Services Coordinator

Contact Lens Technicians

Nikki, COA & Lead Technician
Lynne, Contact Lens Technician, NCLE
Heather, COA & Contact Lens Technician
Stefani, Contact Lens Technician
Alexis, Optical and Contact Lens Clerical Coordinator
Alisha, Contact Lens Clerical Coordinator

Surgical Counselors

Robyn, Surgical Counselor Lead and Aesthetics Scheduler
Katie, Refractive/Aesthetics Surgical Counselor & Marketing Coordinator
Nicki, Refractive/Aesthetics Surgical Counselor & Marketing Coordinator
Nichole, Patient Services Coordinator and Surgical Counselor
Nikole, Surgical Counselor
Tess, Financial Consultant, CPC, CPB & Surgical Counselor
Cindy, Certified Ophthalmic Assistant and Surgical Counselor, Beckley
Libby, Surgical Counselor


Angie, Optician
Denise, Optician
Timra, Optician
Debbie, Optician
Becky, Optician
Amanda, Optician
Alexis, Optical and Contact Lens Clerical Coordinator
Kim, Optician
Donna, Optician
Taunya, Optician
Teresa, Optician
Katelyn, Optician

Revenue Cycle

Ashley, Revenue Cycle Specialist and Credentialing Officer, CPC
Cyara, Revenue Cycle Specialist
Kristy, Revenue Cycle Specialist/Coder
Summer, Revenue Cycle Specialist

Information Technology

Robby, IT Helpdesk Technician


Mark, Facilities Technician

Laser Vision Correction/Aesthetics Surgery Counselor & Marketing Coordinator

Katie, Refractive/Aesthetics Surgery Counselor & Marketing Coordinator
Nicki, Refractive/Aesthetics Surgical Counselor & Marketing Coordinator

Accounts Payable and Payroll Coordinator

Jessica-Accounts Payable and Payroll Coordinator