November 2022: Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month

Novmeber is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month. Diabetic eye disease, a leading cause of blindness, often has no early warning signs. But you can help people with diabetes prevent vision loss by encouraging them to get regular eye exams so they can catch problems early — and get timely treatment and the right follow-up care.

November is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month

American Academy of Ophthalmology – People with diabetes are more likely to develop blinding eye diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataracts. Yet recent studies have revealed low awareness of the issue among ethnicities at higher risk for diabetes. With the findings signaling that many Americans may not be defending themselves against diabetes-related vision …

June 6th – National Eyewear Day!

It’s National Eyewear Day!! Our staff in our Charleston, Ripley, St Albans and Belle offices, proudly showed off their fantastic style in some amazing eyewear selections to celebrate National Eyewear Day!  Eyeglasses have been around for over seven centuries and have gone from an essential need to see, to a stylish fashion statement!  With all …