Do you have VSP (Vision Service Plan) Insurance?



Did you know?

  • That your routine vision exam is covered each year?  Your benefits may be on a yearly schedule by the date of service or by calendar year.  This will be specified in your benefit program.
  • VSP covers:
    • Prescription lens for your glasses every year.
    • New frames every 12 to 24 months – Depending on your benefit plan.
    • Contact lens exams – Depending on your plan.
    • Contact Lenses in lieu of prescription eye glasses.
    • Does not cover glasses and contact lens materials in the same benefit year.
  • Your benefits are the same at any in-network VSP provider.  (Local Optometrist vs. Retail Chains)
  • VSP does not provide an insurance card to you.  All of your benefits can be attained with your first and last name, DOB, and last for digits of you SS# or your employee ID #, depending on your plan.
  • Added prescription lens options like Anti-Reflective Coatings, Photo Chromatic Lenses, Polarized Lenses, Hi-Index Lenses, etc.  may or may not be covered by your benefit plan.  You have access to all of your covered benefits on your VSP patient portal, or your Optician can print them off for you.
  • You are not limited to the benefit allowances.  You are allowed to purchase frames, lenses, lens options and contacts lenses that are priced above your benefit allowance.  You can pay the difference and receive a discount on the difference.

For more information on your VSP plan, stop by and speak to one of our friendly opticians, who will guide you to get the most out of your VSP plan benefits.